Settlement Agreements

Professional settlement agreement assistance to aid smooth exits and resolve disputes.

Settlement agreement advice

Whether you’re an employee, or working within the human resources department of an organisation, Personal Career Management can provide you with settlement agreement advice and support to complement the work of your legal advisor.

Seeking outplacement as part of settlement agreement services offers a number of benefits that will enhance your dispute resolution process. Our team has a deep understanding of the discussions surrounding  settlement agreements, enabling them to provide you with the best possible advice – so you understand your rights as an employee and obligations as an employer.

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Settlement Agreements for Employees

If you’re the individual and are being asked to sign a settlement agreement then visit our individual services page. There you can access a whole wealth of settlement agreement advice for employees – answering the questions:

  • What is a settlement agreement?
  • How do I negotiate a settlement agreement?
  • Where can I find links to discover an employment lawyer?
  • How can I get outplacement support included in my settlement agreement?
Discover settlement agreement advice

Settlement Agreements for Human Resources

Our comprehensive resource page offers HR professionals invaluable guidance on settlement agreements, empowering you to navigate employee disputes with confidence and efficiency. Gain access to expert advice, best practices, and insights tailored specifically to the HR context. Enhance your conflict resolution skills, streamline the settlement agreement processes, and foster positive employee exits. Explore our resource page today and unlock the knowledge you need to effectively manage settlement agreements in your organisation.

You may look towards adding outplacement support for individuals as part of their settlement agreement and we are here to help on the most appropriate and cost effective outplacement solution.

Settlement agreement advice for HR
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