Skype Career Coaching

Personal Career Management are delighted to introduce a range of career coaching programmes, allowing you to pick elements from a career coaching menu, delivered through a blended mix of face to face and remote coaching via Skype, email and telephone.

As with our other programmes you’ll still be working with one of our superb coaching team and using our proven career coaching model.

So now regardless of your location, working hours or budget there’s a programme that’s right for you.

For example short programmes on interview preparation start from £1,095 ex VAT with main programmes from £1,800 ex VAT.

Your Skype career coaching programme will provide:

  • The same high quality of career coaching as our director career coaching programmes
  • Greater access if you are not situated close to one of our offices
  • Out of working hours availability
  • Reduced costs for programmes

Each programme will:

  • Be tailored around your specific needs
  • Be delivered by the same coach throughout your programme
  • Give you at least one face to face meeting with your coach
  • Offer the support of our online career tools

Who are the Skype career coaching programmes suited for?

These programmes are suited to you if you:

  • Live far away from one of our offices
  • Prefer a more distant learning approach allowing more flexibility
  • Have a limited budget, yet still want a high quality service

Get information on the programmes and prices or see our FAQ’s.