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Changing career is a big decision for anyone, but for Teachers it can feel an even bigger leap. Being a teacher can feel like you’re defined by your job, so if you’re not a Teacher, who are you? For many in the situation of considering a change, the joy of being in the classroom has gone. The hours feel never ending, the demands have increased and they outweigh the rewards. People tell you to look at your transferable skills but they either seem to fit nothing in the outside world, or everything. You feel stuck.

The good news is that there are always more options than you think and some of them will be a better fit for you and easier to achieve than you make think. You may also decide that you want to stay within teaching or education, but you will make other changes that have a positive impact on your working life.

Employee Outplacement

At Personal Career Management we have over 20 years experience of helping Teachers (and other professionals) make positive changes in their career. Working with one of our specialist career coaches they’ll help you identify your transferability and what changes you can make to have a positive impact on your future work. Then reality-check options that meet your needs and enable you to be at your best at work.

Personal Career Management

Who is the Career Explorer programme suitable for?

The insights gained on the programme are ideal for teachers who are:

  • Feeling stuck career-wise
  • Interested in considering different options
  • Needing to re-energise their career or rebuild confidence
  • Keen to understand and develop their potential
  • Wanting to develop a career action plan for the future


Career Explorer Programme Elements

Career review

Understanding your career story, the experiences and influences that have shaped your career to date and what this means for the future

Discover your Professional profile

Identify your strengths, motivators and work style to articulate what you have to offer, how you work at your best and areas of potential

Exploring possibilities

Advice on suitable options whether it’s making changes in your current situation, making an external move, a change in career direction or working in a different way

Decision making

Reality-checking ideas to help you make clear, confident, well-informed decisions and tackling any career dilemmas or blocks

Career action plan

Creating a personalised career roadmap to help you achieve your career goals

Personal effectiveness

Building confidence and capabilities, including strategies and support in dealing with any current workplace challenges

Explorer Programme

Ideal for those wanting to make the right decision for their next move:

  • Career Self-discovery
  • Identifying career capital
  • Exploring options
  • Practical career action plan
  • Managing current work situation
  • Coaching to realise your potential

Career Explorer


10 hours of coaching


  • 12 months access to icareercoach™
  • Invitations to networking events
  • Membership of Personal Career Management Alumni Community


£2800 inc VAT via Zoom

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