BBC2 Working Lunch – Going back to the classroom

BBC 2 Working Lunch Corinne Mills – Career Expert With less jobs and more unemployment many people are going back…

Article by:Maria Stuart


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How to return to study

BBC 2 Working Lunch

Corinne Mills – Career Expert

With less jobs and more unemployment many people are going back to the classroom. There has been a surge in courses.

Corinne Mills gives her expert advice on how to return to study

Presenter 1: Is going back to the classroom the best way to further your career? Career expert Corinne Mills has a lesson for all of us, (to co-presenter) how are your French classes going?

Presenter 2: Very well thank you

Presenter 1: Bien Sur (of course)

Presenter 2: Bien sur, merci (of course, thank you)

Presenter 1: That’s about as far as I can get with French classes, now Corinne Mills is here, you’re a careers expert-

Corinne: Bonjour (hello)

Presenter 1: Bonjour, Cava (hello, how are you?) Does any of this help? Surely you go to adult education to learn new skills and enhance your own sense of knowledge, rather than finding a new job

Corinne: Well, it can be both can’t it? I mean yes, people do it for their hobby and learning new skills, but I think particularly in today’s economic climate, it makes sense to see if you can increase your employability.

Presenter 2: But does it make sense, in the sense that how can you make sure that the investment you make towards your course will be useful when it comes to getting the job you want?

Corinne: You do your research – so first of all, training is about a means to an end, so first of all you have to think ‘what do I want it to lead to?’ and actually go and do some research – well what is that job? What qualifications do I need to do it? And actually talk to people who do the job now and see what training is going to be the best investment and then go back and look at the training courses which can help you do that.

Presenter 2: Give us an example, say I want to do a photography course –

Presenter 1: What another course?

Presenter 2: Another course, what kind of things would I look at?

Corinne: If you were looking at it in career terms you would think what kind of photographer would I want to be? How am I going to use it? There’s going to be a huge difference, for instance, going to St Martins college of art to do a photography course and doing one at your local college. One might be good enough, your local college might be good enough.

Presenter 1: But that’s the thing, how would you tell that course is good enough?

Corinne: Well I think it depends on when you look at your CV, who’s your audience, who’s your employer that you’re looking for? Now if you’re looking for something that has cashee, it’s kind of like going to the grand market a bit isn’t it? If you’re looking for something a bit cashee you’re probably going to need something with a good, prestigious name, training colleges etc – well known, well respected courses. If it’s just about the learning, it might be you attend your local college that will probably be much cheaper and may be good enough.

Presenter 2: Ok Corinne, thank you, very useful stuff there.

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Article by:

Maria Stuart

Article by:

Maria Stuart

Maria Stuart is the Marketing Director for Personal Career Management, she has a BA (Hons) in Business and is experienced in both the Automotive and the Education & Childcare sectors.

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