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Starting your own business is a big decision and one that needs to be carefully planned out, it also demands a…

Article by:Jonathan Mills


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Starting your own business is a big decision and one that needs to be carefully planned out, it also demands a large amount of time and determination. You need to ensure you are fully prepared before starting your own business, and are aware of all the different options and implications that you may face.

Personal Career Management have put together a list of useful resources to help you successfully move into self-employment.

Start your own business and self employment resources

Commercial site covering all aspects of starting up a business: from the business plan to how to raise finance to all the legal and fiscal issues

Comprehensive list of information you need when starting up on your own business

Advice from the British Chambers of Commerce

The single regulatory body for franchising in the UK

Assistance with financial issues

Directory of resources and web links for small businesses

National site for the Federation of Small Businesses, with links to your local branch

Provides information about setting up limited companies and limited liability partnerships

25 Business Ideas You Can Start from Your Own Home


Start your own business coaching

Personal Career Management have their own dedicated self-employment business coach who can work with you through the process of setting up your business or franchise. Some of the areas your personal business coach can help with are; financial planning, marketing and putting together a sales strategy.

There are many different options available in self-employment and your coach will ensure you are investing in the right business and more importantly ensure self employment is the right career path for you. There can also be many set backs you can face while starting your own business and your coach will be there to support you through these and ensure you make the right decisions and take the right steps to business success.

To find out more about professional 1-1 support, click on the following link on starting your own business. You can also ring the office on 01753 888995 or send through an enquiry using our online contact form.


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Article by:

Jonathan Mills

Article by:

Jonathan Mills

Jonathan is a Joint Managing Director of Personal Career Management, he is a qualified career and business coach and a business development specialist.

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