Telegraph – What makes a happy work place?

With this being International Week of Happiness at Work, companies are being urged to prioritise employee well being. The Telegraph explores what that really means, is it flexible working, a zen zone, pets in the office, plants and natural light? When it is more critical than ever to retain your good employees, it’s an interesting debate. Corinne Mills shares her view with the Telegraph:

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While work perks can be appealing, happiness at work is more closely tied to whether an employee has a good manager. “Most people experience their organisation through their manager. So if they have a wonderful, empowering, motivational boss, they are going to have a better time than someone who doesn’t have that.”

To retain staff, employers must ensure they choose the right people for the right job, “as there’s nothing more miserable for someone than not being in the right job”.

Managers should also be trained to ensure they maintain good dialogue with staff, she adds: “Managers need to make sure that, on top of the day-to-day conversations about tasks and responsibilities, that they are making room to speak to staff about career development and progression.”

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