Individual Outplacement

Outplacement programmes for your staff

Personal Career Management offer a range of individual and executive outplacement programmes which provide the practical and emotional support needed for individuals to make a smooth transition into their next role.

In particular it can:

  • Help those facing the most competitive job market for decades
  • Reduce conflict and disputes as individuals feel supported
  • Free up HR and line management time and energy
  • Maintain morale and the productivity of the redundancy “survivors”

Our outplacement programmes are tailored around the particular individual as well as budget requirements. Working on a one to one basis with an assigned career coach, the individual will typically benefit from the following:

  • Career review and analysis
  • Assessing career capital, key skills, experience etc
  • Undertaking psychometrics where appropriate
  • Exploring career options and/or alternative ways of working
  • Making informed decisions about next move
  • Devising a practical career action plan for next job and beyond

Marketing to Employers

  • Locating where the target jobs are – both advertised and unadvertised
  • Creating CV’s, covering letters, application forms etc. to get short-listed
  • Rehearsing for interviews, presentations and networking, using video as appropriate
  • Developing an on-line presence
  • Advice and support on self employment, consultancy or portfolio working if appropriate
  • Managing the recruitment agency/headhunter relationship
  • Salary negotiation
  • Settling into the new job

Specialist information resources

Our clients are supported by a dedicated information manager who will source all their information needs for a successful job search campaign. This includes:

  • Career files with comprehensive information on career self-assessment and the very latest in job search techniques
  • Information and contacts to recruitment agencies and head-hunters
  • Personalised daily updates of advertised vacancies drawn from a list of over 50,000 new vacancies per month
  • Detailed information on companies, business news updates and mailing lists
  • Market intelligence

Networking Events

Throughout the year we hold networking events for our clients with the chance to hear and meet from guest speakers and industry experts.

What is your success rate?

Our clients may have very different objectives and circumstances but in general they have a common aim, which is to move into a role that is right for them.  We therefore evaluate our success rate not just on the outcome itself, but on the quality and desirability of the outcome.

Our client surveys show that 93% of our clients achieve their objectives of which:

  • 82% move into a new role they really want
  • 11% move into self-employment

We also have a 98% client satisfaction rating where clients would highly recommend us to others seeking career support.

How much do your outplacement programmes cost?

We offer a range of programmes to meet different budgets. Outplacement programmes start from £600 Ex VAT delivered via Zoom, our main programmes are listed below:

  • Outplacement 1 (Job Search only) £2,333 Ex VAT via Zoom
  • Outplacement 2 (Combining career analysis and job search) £4,000 Ex VAT via Zoom
  • Director Outplacement (Providing additional support hours) £5,000 Ex VAT via Zoom
  • Senior Director £10,000 Ex VAT via Zoom

Our outplacement programmes are tailored around the individuals needs and company budget. Please contact us if you would us to put together a bespoke programme.

Get a copy of our Outplacement Brochure which includes programmes and prices.

What if I have limited budget?

Please note that even if you do not have sufficient budget to provide outplacement support, there are things that you can do, at no cost to your organisation, which can substantially help the individual to find another job.

Outplacement is a non-taxable benefit when provided as part of a redundancy settlement.  If, with the agreement of the individual, you process the outplacement invoice and deduct the net amount payable from their redundancy settlement, there will be a considerable saving (both tax and VAT) compared with if the individual paid for it directly. Where budget is limited or non-existent, this can be an enormously helpful option.

Please contact us for more information on this.

You may also want to explore icareercoach™, which is our new powerful, online career management, job search and career development resource. This is our low cost outplacement option for organisations who have limited budget but still want to support their staff through redundancy with job search support. Find out more about our low cost outplacement options.

How do I find out more?

Contact us on 0345 686 0745 or fill in our contact form and one of our team will be happy to ring you and discuss your requirements.