What is Outplacement?

Outplacement services provide job search support to those facing redundancy, providing practical and emotional specialist career coaching support. This will enable an individual to navigate the competitive job market and move into appropriate new employment as soon as possible. It also enables organisations to focus their energies on business operations rather than divert the sometimes considerable time and energy needed to support leavers and the morale of the retained team.

Personal Career Management have provided outplacement services for many diverse organisations including Capital One, Buckingham Palace, National Gallery, Honda, ITN, Travelex, Panasonic, the NHS, the British Academy, several Universities, Charities and Local Education Authorities.

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Individual outplacement support

Working with one of our highly experienced career coaches, our outplacement coaching programmes are tailored to the requirements of the individual and organisation, but will typically include the following:

Career review and analysis

  • Assessing career capital, key skills, experience etc.
  • Undertaking psychometrics where appropriate
  • Exploring career options and/or alternative ways of working
  • Making informed decisions about next career move
  • Devising a practical career action plan for next job and beyond

Marketing your skills to employers

  • Locating where the target jobs are – both advertised and unadvertised
  • Creating CVs, covering letters, application forms etc which will be short-listed
  • Rehearsing for interviews, presentations and networking, using video as appropriate
  • Managing the recruitment agency/headhunter relationship
  • Developing an on-line presence to enhance visibility
  • Salary negotiation
  • Settling into the new job

Or Self-employment

  • Practical help in setting up own business
  • Consultancy advice on business development

Specialist information resources

Clients have access to icareercoach™, our powerful, online career management, job search and career development resource.

icareercoach™ includes:

  • Interactive career profiling tools and career assessments
  • 100’s of coaching videos to guide you through your journey
  • Over 1000 articles in the newsroom relating to career and sector news
  • Contact information on recruiters and head-hunters
  • Company information for speculative approaches or prior to interview
  • 100’s of employer videos packed with invaluable insights into getting a role
  • CV and application planning, preparation and advice
  • Interview planning and practice simulators
  • Self-development as part of your ongoing learning
  • Business skills on a range of topics for enhancing your skills within the workplace

Job search webinars

These are practical in nature while being highly sensitive and supportive to participants who may be experiencing a range of emotions as a result of their redundancy.

The sessions are tailored to meet the particular needs of the staff group but typically include:

  • Managing career transition
  • Self-assessment of skills and experience
  • How to find the job you are looking for
  • CV preparation, covering letters, application forms
  • Interviewing skills and practice
  • Managing recruitment agencies and headhunters
  • Networking
  • Organising your job search

How do I find out more about outplacement?

Please call us on 0345 686 0745 or fill in our contact form and one of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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What is an outplacement service?

Outplacement support is usually offered by an organisation to employees who are leaving the business due to redundancy. Typical outplacement services include career coaching, devising effective job-search strategies, CV review and interview preparation. For those whose roles have been made redundant, outplacement services provide the practical and emotional support that is needed to help them move into a new appropriate role as quickly as possible. At a time of personal uncertainty, the provision of such support can make a tremendous difference to an individual’s job search success.

Why would a company provide outplacement assistance to an employee?

Outplacement is not only beneficial to the individual but also to the organisation as it demonstrates that they care about their staff. This sends an important signal to their remaining staff who are likely to be unsettled by the changes and helps protect the employer’s reputation as a good place to work. Outplacement can also help to reduce conflict and legal disputes because individuals will feel more supported in their transition. Another advantage is that hiring an external outplacement company frees up the time of HR and Managers who might otherwise be expected to provide the career advice and support their staff need.

What do outplacement services cost?

The cost of outplacement services varies depending on the needs of the organisation. Some factors that can affect the cost of outplacement include the number and seniority of impacted employees, whether individual coaching or group training solutions are offered, whether the service is face to face or delivered remotely and any additional services such as online career resources or research services. On average pricing can range from under a hundred pound per person to several thousands of pounds for executive outplacement.

What are the benefits of outplacement?

Outplacement services provide many benefits to individuals, from helping them manage the practical and psychological difficulties of losing their job, building their confidence at a difficult and vulnerable point in their career, to helping to establish a more time-efficient and targeted job search campaign to land a new role or achieve a career change more quickly.