Channel 4 – Corinne Mills helps Steph’s Packed Lunch viewers find work

Corinne Mills our Managing Director and Career Expert appeared on Channel 4’s, Steph’s Packed Lunch.

Helping Steph’s viewers in finding employment during the Pandemic.

Corinne shares her top tips for finding and articulating transferrable skills, and how to use them to market yourself effectively to land a new job.

You can watch Steph’s Job Clinic again here:


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    Transcript from Steph’s Job Clinic:

    Corinne Mills – “You need to put everything in the pot, nothing gets lost. The trick to selling yourself is really to look at:

    What does this particular employer want?

    What are they looking for?

    What are their priorities?

    Then to look back through all of your experiences, all of your life and find some examples that match it.

    So it might be from your most recent job, it might be from two jobs back, it might be because you were doing some community outreach work, perhaps working on the PTA, or getting together a charity social event.

    Whatever it is, if that shows your organisation skills, if that shows your initiative, then those are the things you need to be talking about to convince them, you’re the candidate to hire.”