On the Third Day of Christmas… Volunteer

Faith, hope and charity - use Christmas as a reason to start volunteering

27th Dec: Three French Hens

On the Third Day of Christmas… Volunteering

The Three French Hens symbolise faith, hope and charity.  Have faith in your own abilities, remain hopeful for new opportunities, and volunteering for charitable work.

Volunteering provides the perfect solution in order to satisfy all three of these factors.  It will remind you of skills already acquired that you have for so long taken for granted.  It provides the chance to explore new projects, thereby building on and developing your current skill set.   It also offers a great chance to increase your professional network.  The beauty of volunteering is that you will always have the freedom to control how many hours you do, thereby moulding charitable work around current work commitments and your social life.

Volunteering will undoubtedly improve your confidence, allow you to take on new challenges, and even provide you with experience in an industry or role that you are perhaps thinking of pursuing, but before having to make any long-term commitments.  By partaking in voluntary projects, you could be opening new career opportunities all the while giving back to the wider community.  Christmas is a time for giving after all!

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