How can I have a better relationship with my boss?

Don’t expect your boss to be your best friend – even the warmest of managers will sack you if they need to. But they should trust you to get on with the job, support you when needed and deal fairly and honestly with any problems.

Here’s how to improve the relationship with your boss:

1. Instead of only telling your manager about problems, make sure you tell them all the things you’ve done well. It helps build their trust in you.

2. Observe their communication style. What works for them? It may feel like they want to micro-manage you – but perhaps they are simply reassured by detail, and will leave you alone if you give them a clear explanation of your plan.

3. If you have a toxic relationship, find someone to talk to who can give you an objective view, like a career coach or HR. If you’ve found yourself in this situation before, reflect on whether you could inadvertently be contributing.

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