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We have worked with Grant Thornton UK and International for the last 10 years providing coaching services to Senior Leaders within the organisation, the majority of whom are Partners.

We work with these individuals at critical stages in their professional and personal life where they value impartial guidance and support.  This includes those who will be retiring as Partners in 3-5 years and who want to prepare for the next stage in their professional and personal lives.  Many of them wish to continue working in a professional capacity, either in other senior positions or by creating a portfolio which balances professional and personal interests.

The coaching helps with managing their transition, exploring their options, succession planning and the practicalities of creating their next chapter.  In addition, we have provided outplacement support to those leaving the business, helping them successfully to find another role.


“I know that many of our partners have found the support and guidance provided by your experienced team very helpful and the series of meeting give them a structure and space in which to develop their thinking on transition”

Simon Bevan, Head of Partner Matters, Grant Thornton