Good news for Senior Managers job hunting in Birmingham

Good news for Senior Managers job hunting in Birmingham

Birmingham City Council is shedding 2,000 jobs this year and with the purge on public sector spending and the impact on supporting businesses, redundant senior managers or those at risk, have got something to cheer about at last. Personal Career Management, who specialise in helping directors and senior managers get back into work following redundancy, have just opened a new office in Temple Row Birmingham to handle the local demand for their services.

Nigel Best was made redundant out of the blue last year after six years as Director of Business Development for a strategic weapons specialist. He spent months looking for a job and was beginning to despair. He then engaged with Personal Career Management. “It was brilliant for giving me back my confidence, making sure my CV was making the most of my relevant expertise and ensuring my interview technique wasn’t letting me down. Within a few weeks I had three job offers and actually had to choose between them. Considering the position I’d been in, it was an amazing turnaround.”

Jane Garrard, who has 20 years experience at director level with one of the country’s top recruiters, will be running the Personal Career Management office. “If you are worried about redundancy and haven’t searched for a job for years, there are many things you’ll need to know to get ahead of the competition. We go in depth with our clients before putting together a focused job search campaign. The result is a very targeted and polished approach which is highly effective.” explains Jane. In the current market acting smarter with professional help is worth the investment.

A typical programme costs around £4,000 so it’s not for everyone, but it doesn’t stop clients who want this type of service. Jane explains “We don’t place people into jobs like recruiters, whose client is the employer. We have the best interest of our client, the individual we’re working with, at heart. At the level our clients operate, it’s not about getting any job it’s about making the best choice of the options available and then focusing on getting the job that’s right for them.” With a 98% client approval rating it’s no wonder there’s a demand for their services.

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