Insights from a Career Coach on Bereavement

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Insights from a Career Coach on job changes after bereavement

Bereavement can make us create dramatic changes in our lives. A drop in household income can make some changes essential. Corinne Mills of Personal Career Management, explains how best to handle big career moves at a time like this.

The thing about job interviews is that while we’re trying to get a reading on the people behind the desk, to see if they’d be good to work with, they are also reading us.

As we walk from door to chair, we can tell if we’re the second or twenty-second candidate of the day. And as we take in the energy levels and lively or unconvincing smiles of the people behind the desk, so they are noticing what’s going on with us.

The interviewer’s ability to see more that we consciously show is one of the reasons that Corinne Mills gives me for why newly bereaved people should think carefully before making any dramatic career moves. “You need to take care of yourself and be psychologically ready to contend with the demands of a career change,” she says.