Politics Show: Public to private sector

BBC Politics Show: How to make a career change from the public to private sector

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Job Seeker: Duncan McCombie

Career Coach: Corinne Mills

Reporter: Corinne’s career coaching company in Birmingham has been flooded with public sector workers recently, but she doesn’t hold out much hope that private enterprise will save the day.

Corinne: Will the private sector mop up all the people coming out of the public sector? No, there are going to be people who aren’t going to get a place. It’s going to be very competitive but there are always options, there are always opportunities. For instance, just looking at the paper and seeing companies like Jaguar, who a year ago, were struggling, are now hiring and taking on people and it’s like the whole Darwinian thing isn’t it? Those who are adaptable are going to be the ones that survive.

Reporter: It’s the advice that one of her clients is taking on board, The former Head of Communications for a Government Qwango, finding the next job has been Duncan’s mission for the past 7 months. Here, he is being asked to map out a plan of action, he wants to find a new job before thousands of new public sector workers hit the job market.

Duncan: Loosing your job is never a great time. People want security and of course, it means more competition for me – I’m looking for a job, the more people that are out there looking for a job gives me more competition. So I can understand why it’s happening, and everybody needs to equip themselves with the right tools to make sure they’re best skilled to get that job that they want – there’s still jobs out there, it’s finding the right job that’s going to be the important thing.

Reporter: His mission is clear, but, can the private sector deliver the jobs?


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