Politics Show – Public sector job cuts

BBC Politics show: Public sector job cuts

Corinne Mills: Career Expert and MD of Personal Career Management



Presenter: Good morning, welcome to the Politics show in the Midlands. Coming up today: after the budget, what does the age of austerity hold for half a million public sector workers here.

Reporter: The fear remains amongst many that these cuts are too severe and that after the first steep dive into recession, the governments recovery will plunge into that double dip.

Presenter: You probably think of careers advice only once when you’re at school but there’s now a growing need for career change advice. This expanding company is already helping middle and senior managers anticipate the worst, by seeking help to find new avenues of employment.

Corinne: It is going to be a very competitive job market, I think there are things people can do to improve their chances on the job market and they need to take advantage of that. But, unfortunately, I think there is going to be winners and losers.

Presenter: And more losers this time, than perhaps, ever before?

Corinne: I think there are going to be more losers this time, yes.


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