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Budgeting tips if you are between jobs

Looking for a new job is very demanding and in today’s job market it can easily take 3-6 months to…

Article by:Corinne Mills


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Looking for a new job is very demanding and in today’s job market it can easily take 3-6 months to find a new role, and senior appointments are likely to take even longer.

If you are currently out of work due to redundancy, wanting a career change or just starting out in your career, financially it can be a difficult time.

We have put together some of our top tips to help in this challenging time:

  • Budgeting is sensible, but don’t panic or make rash decisions
  • Talk to your bank, financial adviser or an accountant for advice
  • Work out your financial bottom line and make a financial plan based on 3 monthly or 6 monthly intervals
  • If necessary talk to your local Job Centre to find out whetheryou  are eligible for benefits and/or to get your national insurance stamp paid
  • Try and cut down your outgoings accordingly as there are bound to be certain things you are paying for that aren’t

There are lots of websites out there to help you budget and put together a financial plan, and we have also found a range of voucher sites with some great savings.

Have a look at some of the resources below for more budgeting tips:

Budget Tracker:

Budget Pulse:

Money Advice Service:

Citizens Advice Bureau:



Money Supermarket:


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Article by:

Corinne Mills

Article by:

Corinne Mills

Corinne Mills is the Joint Managing Director of Personal Career Management, she is a career coach with 15 years career management experience.

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