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Finishing University and moving into the world of work can be a daunting and uncertain time for any individual but more…

Article by:Corinne Mills


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Finishing University and moving into the world of work can be a daunting and uncertain time for any individual but more so for graduates.

There are an abundance of career related sites out there with career tips and support forums specifically aimed at graduates to help them move into employment following education.

Personal Career Management’s career consultants have compiled a list of resources below to help graduates who are job seeking:

Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services

The Official Graduate Careers website



Milkround job site

Graduate Jobs

Target Jobs

Graduate Recruitment Bureau

The Big Choice Student & Graduate Jobs

Inside Careers


Debut – Everything you need to find an internship or graduate scheme, all in one place

Talentpool – provide a platform for current students and post-grads to be matched with a range of roles in SMEs and start-ups across the UK


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You may also want to think about working with a Career Coach. They can help you to stand out in today’s competitive job market by ensuring you have a targeted job search campaign in place, a professional CV matched to your target role, confidence at interview and the ability to sell yourself.

Personal Career Management have a strong team of experienced, qualified career coaches who can help individuals in the transition from finishing university to starting in their career.

If you are unsure what your next career move might be following graduation we can help you to explore your career options and figure out what the right career path is for you. We provide career coaching programmes specifically for graduates and those within their first few years of work. Take a look at our graduate job search programme for more information.

We have also produced a first job first job CV layout template to help graduates get that important first role.

If you are interested in finding out more and would like to come to one of our offices to meet with us, we offer a free initial consultation to show how we can help and we will tailor a programme to meet your needs. Please ring the office on 01753 888995, or fill in our online contact form.


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Article by:

Corinne Mills

Article by:

Corinne Mills

Corinne Mills is the Joint Managing Director of Personal Career Management, she is a career coach with 15 years career management experience.

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