Is being a bald man a disadvantage in business?

Talking to Anne Diamond on her radio show on Wednesday about whether being bald could be a disadvantage for men in business.

Interesting question!

My view is that while presenting the right image is of course important, the fact of whether you are bald or not has little to do with it. It is more about confidence and good grooming. Not having hair can be ageing – so as long as you make special effort to make sure that you look very contemporary, smart suit, good colours that complement rather than age you, shiny shoes etc – then your image will be a very positive one – and the lack of hair situation, won’t matter one bit.

On the other hand, if a man feels that if he wants to do something more to hide the baldness and it gives him more confidence then why not? Women have always boosted their looks and the amount of women with hair extensions means that there shouldn’t be one rule for one sex, should there?