What to tell your boss at your next appraisal

1. How you’ve made a positive impact this year for your organisation e.g. creating new reports, generating a sale, keeping a difficult customer happy.

2. If  you have failed to meet any targets, then you need constructive suggestions on how this might be rectified next year. This might include setting more realistic targets, proving more support, changing work duties etc.

3. Share ideas you have for how you might improve your performance or that of the team e.g. training, changing work schedules. Managers aren’t always aware of some of the difficulties and this is your opportunity to raise this in a helpful way.

4. What training and development would help you do your job better – now is the time to request that training course you’d like or arrange some work shadowing for example.

5. Talk to your boss about your career ambitions and ask for their advice and feedback on how you might work towards them. They can often provide very honest and helpful advice.

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