Managing redundancy radio interviews

BBC radio West MidlandsSpent this afternoon being interviewed by Joanne Malin from BBC WM. We’re doing a feature with her on Career Advice for Grown-ups and today we pre-recorded some material on facing redundancy, getting your sales pitch right and transferring from the public sector to the private. It will run as a regular slot each day next week culminating in a live phone in on Friday. I’m really looking forward to it. Jo is great fun and has oodles of energy and she shared a little bit about her own career. We share a mantra that on the career front – you make our own luck!

Also spoke today to an MP who lost his job at the election. He understandably is devastated. Why is it that if anyone else loses their job, they immediately get sympathy. Politics must be the only career choice where if you lose your job, people are quite so hard-hearted. This is especially difficult for those who went into politics in the first place because of their strong sense of public service. To have lost that sense of purpose can be quite overwhelming.