National Graduation Fair

Personal Career Management were providing the career advice clinic for graduates at the National Graduate Recruitment Exhibition. We saw lots of graduates and gave them mini career coaching sessions. I felt so sorry for many of them.

They had worked really hard at their studies, were up to their eyes in debt despite holding down a range of part-time jobs and they were feeling very disheartened because they weren’t getting anywhere at all in trying to find their first proper job. Some were even struggling to get work experience even though they were offering their services for free. Felt that even though we had little time with each person, we really helped.

Most of them hadn’t really grasped what they needed to do with their CV and were spending far too much time on the internet. I’m sure we made a real difference to many people we saw that day. Just think what we could do if we had longer.

Personal Career Management now provide the Graduate job search programme

You can find us on the gradjobs website

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Maria Stuart

Maria Stuart is the Marketing Director for Personal Career Management, she has a BA (Hons) in Business and is experienced in both the Automotive and the Education & Childcare sectors.

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