Outplacement support for Individuals

Supporting you with your exit

Personal Career Management offer a range of outplacement programmes to help you move from your current organisation into your next role. Working on a one to one basis with one of our highly experienced career coaches, your outplacement coaching programme will be tailored around your specific needs but typically includes the following:

Career review and analysis

  • Assessing your career capital, key skills, experience etc.
  • Exploring career options and/or alternative ways of working
  • Making informed decisions about your next career move
  • Devising a career action plan

Marketing your skills to employers

  • Locating advertised and unadvertised jobs
  • Creating CV’s, covering letters, application forms to get on the shortlist
  • Increasing your visibility to employers through your on-line presence
  • Managing agency and headhunter relationships
  • Rehearsing for interviews, presentations and networking
  • Organising your job search campaign
  • Salary negotiation and settling into the new job

Or self-employment

  • Ensuring self-employment is right for you
  • Practical help in setting up your business
  • Sales, marketing and business development
  • Financial planning
  • Business coaching

Research and information services

icareercoach™ is our new, powerful, online career management, job search and career development resource.

With any Personal Career Management outplacement programme you will have access to this invaluable resource along with the support of your career coach.

icareercoach™ includes:

  • Interactive career profiling tools and career assessments
  • 100’s of coaching videos to guide you through your journey
  • Over 1000 articles in the newsroom relating to career and sector news
  • Contact information on recruiters and head-hunters
  • Company information for speculative approaches or prior to interview
  • 100’s of employer videos packed with invaluable insights into getting a role
  • CV and application planning, preparation and advice
  • Interview planning and practice simulators
  • Self-development as part of your ongoing learning
  • Business skills on a range of topics for enhancing your skills within the workplace

Networking events

We hold online networking events throughout the year where our clients can meet with others. We also facilitate networking wherever we can.

Outplacement programme costs

We offer a range of outplacement programmes to meet different career support needs and budget requirements, all delivered via Zoom.

Outplacement Programmes         From £1,200 inc VAT

Job Search Outplacement            £2,800 inc VAT

Executive Outplacement              £4,800 inc VAT

Director Outplacement                £6,000 inc VAT

Senior Director                           £12,000 inc VAT

For a more detailed description of these programmes please visit the programmes and prices page on our website.

Tax and VAT advantages of outplacement

There are important financial advantages to you if your outplacement is processed through the company rather than organised separately by you. Outplacement provided as part of your redundancy settlement is tax-free. Your company can also reclaim the VAT at no cost to you. For example, on a £4000 outplacement service, a 40% tax payer could save the equivalent of almost £2000 if the outplacement invoice is processed via the company rather than paid directly by the individual.

If you require any further information on this, please contact us or an employment lawyer.

How can I find out more?

We offer a free, no-obligation meeting  where you can come and meet with us and find out whether working with Personal Career Management is right for you.

Please call us on 0345 686 0745 or fill in our contact form and one of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements.